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Online Classes, a new start. 13 tips for a successful Online Class.

Online classes are a new trend. The lockdown has led us all to this solution of taking online classes. We have to make sure of a lot of things. One includes the students do not waste their academic year. We don’t know how we are going to take their exams and mark them but majorly what we should focus on is how to impart knowledge when we aren’t together.

For online classes, we need to record lectures and put them on a platform where they can watch and learn it. Frankly, everyone is not comfortable with cameras and more importantly, teachers are more used to taking live classes with students physically sitting in front of them. This can be really difficult for a few or many. But it is actually the opposite. It is easy. All one has to take care of a few things and that’s how you can easily take online classes.

  1. Get in your comfortable space. One really needs to understand that the more comfortable you are the easier it would be for you to record the class.
  2. Set up your camera. Yes, everyone doesn’t have a camera but your mobile’s camera is enough. All you have to do is set that up with the help of a few things easily available at home. Take some help from YouTube here.
  3. Get along all the required things together. Taking a class is not easy and it requires some things, which you need to arrange at a handy distance. It helps you be more confident. See how you will be taking the class and accordingly arrange it all.
  4. Understand, Camera is your friend. It might sound weird but when you will accept this, you will be more comfortable around it and it would help you take the class more confidently.
  5. You won’t have students around you when you record this but when you will be recording this you have to imagine that they exist behind the camera. Thus, instead of looking continuously at the book or looking at a distance imagining students, it is not going to make it a success. You have to make it sound like a conversation even when you are not together. The easy way is to be yourself and look at the camera when explaining.
  6. It is very important to know the smallest key to a successful class is ‘To Repeat’. You will have to repeat a few things twice or thrice. It will help them understand but also, don’t repeat it a lot of times. It will bore them out and they will be left confused by the end.
  7. Make sure you give them a small summary at the end of every class. The summary makes it easy for them to check out for any missing point or other pointers of the class.
  8. You should have minimum disturbance around while shooting. Try and make sure your surroundings are silent and there is no disturbance while you shoot. A tip here is to tell your family that you are shooting a video so that there is no disturbance from their side. Try to turn off your fan while shooting. This reduces the extra voice around you and you will be more clearly heard. Also, shut down all the windows of your house to avoid unnecessary traffic noises.
  9. Try and learn basic editing. You do not need advance software for this. Basic editing is possible in certain mobile apps these days. This can also improve confidence in you because you know even if you make a small mistake you can clear it while editing. Also, it is very easy to learn.
  10. Your aim is to impart knowledge and you have to make it more interesting. This can only happen when you are interested and happy from within. The surroundings are taking a toll on everyone but even in this situation, you have to be strong and calm. When you will be happy and at peace only then you will be able to deliver all you want in the video and make it interesting.
  11. Write down all the pointers of the video before shooting it. Remember the 5Ps: PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE. Writing down will help you remember what you have to cover in the video and you can refer to it from time to time. That will not only be a reference for you but also you will be sure of what you want to deliver thus improving the confidence in you. You can also rehearse it in short before recording.
  12. These are very basic tips but record the video in landscape mode and not at the highest quality unless necessary. This will help in easy uploading on the app/site. To reduce the quality of the video, go to your camera settings and click on the “Quality” option to edit.
  13. Make sure you keep the video uploaded before time. But do not publish/ make it public unless it is the time for the class. This will avoid further confusion.

These can be a lot but taking care of these things can definitely help you make the classes more fun and interesting. Do not start with implementing these pointers all at once. Try and implement a few first which you think are important. With practice, you will improve for sure but keep implementing these for good results. We, at Intract help you take video lectures and connect to students even through video conferencing. Right now you really need to connect to students and not only to teach them but also make this roller coaster journey an easy one for them.

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