Want to create a Stress-free environment? Here are 4 things your school can do!

Want to create a Stress-free environment? Here are 4 things your school can do!

Schools will be reopening. Finally.

And finally, students come back to their SECOND HOME, meet their friends and have an actual class than the online ones. Come back to a fixed stress-free place of their own.

Though there was not a great and full start of the schools, they were allowed to reopen following the guidelines given to them and with limited strength.

“There are so many things that we have to do that we couldn’t in Online classes.

What should we do so that students enjoy their stay in school?”

If you are wondering a lot about this, you aren’t the only one! Many schools are facing this dilemma.

Now you know everything about reopening. But if you are wondering about the environment of the school, we are here to help you.

We both know that there are lots of things to be taken care of once schools reopen.

But let’s not forget: When the environment is stress-free, all things fall into place.

Here are some points that will help in creating a stress-free environment.


If you are talking about education, Fun is very very important!

Make sure your timetable has enough breaks. Conduct activities that will include all students yet maintain social distance.

Let’s not forget extracurricular activities! They are fun and students love them. A lot. Encourage them to take part in these activities. This will take you a step forward in creating a stress-free environment.


Although education is important, pressurising students doesn’t help. In fact, it does the opposite!

Take exam fear, for example. We all know – It brings the worst out of students.

But there’s a way out! Conduct Online exams and include more of Objective Questions. Objective questions give more confidence and they are easier than subjective questions.

Slowly increase the strictness in exams. Tell them it’s okay to score, less at times. Talk to parents about doing the same. It will increase students’ confidence and reduce the stress of exams.


Above all, Be a Good friend. The one students can trust.

School is a very special place for every student. Listen to them. They might be scared or confused about things happening.

Instead of avoiding the important questions, have a chat with them. Teach them how they can tackle the situation. Make sure they believe that you are with them.

Let them know that you have their back!

Want to create a Stress-free environment? Here are 4 things your school can do!

Creating a stress-free environment is a group effort of teachers, schools and parents. Involving parents helps you guide them to create a happy environment at home. Tell them to support their kids and do not pressurize them to study. 

Try to create positive experiences for the students. It might be difficult but something simple as “planting trees” will give them immense pleasure. Also, studies have shown that Green spaces help in improved learning and memory. 

Here’s a surprise: Show them a short film as a MEGA surprise! 

These all small things will make a large impact in creating a ‘Stress-free’ environment.

As I said earlier, exam stress is real among students & can be reduced by taking frequent objective question tests.

But, there’s a problem: They are time-consuming! Dictating students’ questions, them writing & solving them, you checking their answers, all take a lot of your time.

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