5 Things Teachers Need To Keep In Mind This Quarantine

5 Things Teachers Need To Keep In Mind This Quarantine


We are so used to waking up, getting fresh, having breakfast and going to our offices, schools or any place where we work. Welcome to life at home! Everyone is trying their best to get the most out of this situation and staying calm at the same time. May it be teachers or institutions they are making the most out of it. But it’s important to understand that students are also facing a lot and they might not be able to cope with this easily. Below are certain things that teachers need to keep in mind.

Difference between class teaching and virtual learning

The most important thing that teachers need to know is that there is a vast difference between class teaching and virtual learning. When one understands this it makes it easy for them to make the required changes and take a different route to implement the knowledge equally and to the fullest. But if you are taking virtual classes you need to be calm and make sure you do the same every time.

Be more interactive

Interacting with students in a classroom and interacting on virtual sites is totally different. Interaction does not always mean to talk and convey about syllabus or education. Being interactive simply means to talk. Talk to them about various topics, tell them about the simplest and weirdest things happening around, make them believe that the situation will pass and everything will be back to normal. This will help them to come up and talk to you and also help them cope up with the situation.

Do things that would help students be physically and mentally present in the sessions

5 Things Teachers Need To Keep In Mind This Quarantine

There are some simple and easy things that will help maintain the flow and make sure that the students are both physically and mentally present in the sessions. One might have to search for some exercises or things that will help them, but one with the true intentions of imparting knowledge and wisdom would love to take this step and make sure the students are present.

For example- Take breaks. For younger kids, one can try making them draw without lifting their hand off the paper. With older kids, one can just talk about things happening around or make a quiz similar to current sitcoms and movies. It will help to take their mind off the stress, and after the breaks, they can get back to the class.

Need to add some quirk to the traditional teaching style

Many times it is observed that when teachers try to teach, students end up being sleepy in lectures or they are distracted. This usually happens when the lectures are one way. It is observed that interactive classes tend to impart more knowledge and students learn and remember a lot from the class. When considered, virtual teachers really need to add some quirk, be different and make classes more interactive. Also, make sure you take breaks in between.

For example, a teacher can use this quarantine to improve the basics of students. Like a math teacher making sure students remember the tables for easy calculations or a science teacher teaching the laws with daily examples of things to which students can easily relate to. One can also try using pictures to be more clear.

Only education is not important!

Being a teacher, teaching them all that is there in the textbook is not the only thing to do. A teacher can be a student’s best friend and let them believe that. Talk to them about the situation, teach them about this too. Make sure you listen to them. Ask them to come out and speak what they actually feel. Be the guiding light and make sure they believe the situation is going to end and those empty classes will be filled again with their chatter.

Lastly, everyone who is new to virtual learning needs to be a student themselves. Intract allows you to be a student, experiment and make classes more fun. You can connect to students easily. You learn and make this virtual learning fun! But importantly beyond this, be there for your students to help them cope with the situation.