Teacher and fun in teaching

6 Ways Teachers Can Make Virtual Learning Fun

 There are so many teachers out there trying their best to teach students virtually and connect with them in this pandemic situation. Instead of pressuring them to study, let us take small steps to make this quarantine more stress-free and make learning a joy. Here are some things that can help teachers make classes more fun.

Ask students to do something and put up.

Every student has a hobby and now is the time to explore it. Teachers can assign a task based on their hobby and give them a week’s time. Let them complete it and post or discuss it in the next class. Appreciate when they complete it.

For example- Ask them to draw, write or even read.

6 Ways Teachers Can Make Virtual Learning Fun

Play games that would end up teaching them a lot

Sometimes we forget the importance of games and the fun accompanied by it. This not only gives a break to students but also makes them calm and stress-free, at least for some time.

For example: Play games like story forming or story-Antakshari. It’s simple, all one has to do is form a sentence from the last letter of the previous sentence. No need to think and make it category-based. Say what comes to your mind. One can go randomly or roll call wise, as per suitable.

Read short stories out loud

Short stories are crisp and meaningful. They tend to impart good morals in students. Literature has been great magic and joy. If one starts digging in it, it gives a lot back to us. There are so many short stories written by great writers, ‘Kabuliwalah’ is one such. Reading one aloud can be a step to discussions and imparting wisdom. Who knows this can inspire someone to write their own story.

Book recommendations

As said, if one asks a question to literature it gives a lot back as an answer. There are tons and tons of books one can read. Not everyone loves reading but if suggested a proper and interesting book, it might end up turning a non-lover into a book lover. Everyone needs a small push. This can also turn a break into book discussion sessions. Comics are always the best medium for discussions.

Accompany the topic with pictures

Pictures have been adding value to the theories. Some use pictures to explain but some do not. It is said that if one learns more from listening, the other might have a great capability to learn through pictures. Thus teachers should use pictures while teaching.

One can make this a fun time, by discussing some of the most famous pictures or drawings or art. You never know you might see one becoming a great photographer or artist. Not only this but it also helps to expand one’s understanding or thoughts and it is enough to connect students together even when miles apart. You can also use videos to enhance their learning. Use videos from YouTube or other platforms and link it with apps like Intract to integrate videos with your existing teaching flow.


Music is something that can bond anyone and of any age. Music has the ability to connect people. One can have music breaks in between. Try to connect the current generation to some soothing and calming music of the years. Try not to choose some boring songs.

One can even try teaching some topics with the help of music. This isn’t easy, but some students find it easy to connect music and study together. Teach concepts with the help of music, like the periodic table or even tables. Sanskrit tables can also be remembered like this.

One can discuss with the class and decide for a week what all different fun activities they can conduct. There are still so many things out there to do and students can suggest for themselves very efficiently.

We need to understand that the current surroundings hamper the thought process of a student and make it difficult for him to be calm and stress-free. Us being adults should guide them through this and teachers can do this best. You are just a step away to connect to students and start being their best friends rather than just teachers. You can connect with your students through Intract by creating your own virtual classroom. It will help you connect with your students and explore a lot, making virtual learning fun!