preschool classroom must-have

8 Things your Preschool classrooms must have!

What should preschool classrooms must-have?

“If I want to start a preschool. But what are those things a preschool classroom must-have?…”

“I still think my preschool needs something. I am just not sure what?”

I am pretty sure you have come across someone discussing it. 

Every preschool owner or teacher feels they can do a better job at their preschool. This attitude is what helps us give the best teachings to children!

Here we are to make you less worried about preschool classrooms must-have!


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A preschool is incomplete without puzzles or blocks.

What are the profits of having puzzles at preschools?

Puzzles are the most useful for a preschooler. They are not just a game to spend time.

The puzzles help kids improve their Concentration, Focus, Shape Recognition, Spatial awareness (knowing the space between objects), Motor Ability and many more.

These puzzles are the best for preschoolers. They learn a lot unconsciously.

Blocks & Puzzles are mandatory on your list!


8 Things your Preschool classrooms must have!

A preschool is incomplete without art supplies.

Every preschooler loves to learn and play with colours, paints and water. 

Not only do they learn to draw something as simple as a doughnut but they also enjoy learning letters or numbers.

What kind of art supplies does a preschool need?

You do not need high-end art supplies but simple ones like pastel colours, sketch pens, papers, colourful and decorative papers. 

You can also add on origami papers. They aren’t different from our colour card papers but they will help you save time cutting the large ones.

Who knows maybe art and craft can be their go-to breaks!


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Just like every school is incomplete without a black/green board, so does a preschool.

Everyone knows you have to sit beside the kids and teach them every letter, but you need to write it first and keep on practising it with them.

At times, boards come handy to sticking papers too.

Boards have been used the most during this lockdown over virtual classrooms. That is the easiest source available to every teacher!

You need to add it in your preschool classroom equipment list for sure!


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Does preschool really need storybooks?


Preschool does need books. Even when we are updated and technology can help, we need to have some old ways of teaching as well.

Reading out fairytales or short stories with morals out of those books will just bring them a step closer to books.

At times we need books to just let them enjoy watching the pictures from the stories and making up their own stories. It’s just a way of communication!

And not just storybooks, you need to keep some colouring books. Let them colour any drawing from it for some time every week.

You may just be pushing someone to become a good artist! 

You just need to add these different types of books on your preschool classroom must-have list!


8 Things your Preschool classrooms must have!

When we visualise a preschool, it definitely has some or the other kind of games to play with. 

Preschools are not all about teaching and sitting at a place.

They are about fun, enjoyment and playing a variety of games.

Small swings, garden slides, see-saws and etc. are the sure items on your list.

Garden slides, see-saws are now portables too!

This doesn’t stop here, you need to keep a few toys for the kids to play with. Maybe not their favourite ones, but small cars or dolls etc can be enough.

(P.s- you need to choose wisely from the whole set of toy collections available!)


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Why does a preschool classroom need a projector or laptop?

Even when said we need to teach a few things the old way, that doesn’t mean you should not have updated technology.

It is not possible to teach everything orally or with the help of boards. 

Also, preschoolers have a very varied imagination. We need to push their imagination and not stop it.

For this, we need to show them pictures, stories, songs and whatnot.

I know with the updations in mobile phones and these kids knowing how to easily operate a mobile phone, doesn’t stop you.

There are tons of things available online to show them and teach them.

And That is why you need a LAPTOP OR PROJECTOR!


8 Things your Preschool classrooms must have!

A home, school or even a small class will be incomplete with a proper storage area. 

As a preschool, you need to have sufficient storage area for everything. 

Right from toys to their classwork/homework books to the teaching aids and to everything!

Your preschool classroom must-have a bookshelf for books and small makeshift shelves for storing other materials. 

Don’t delay it, just add it to your preschool classroom list now!


8 Things your Preschool classrooms must have!

This is an important one!

You never know the importance of something unless used.

Teaching aids really come in handy. 

They are meant to make your job easy.

Every teacher and every preschool classroom must-have a teaching aid.

Along with them making your job easy, they are easy to use and also they help in making them understand a few concepts. 

You can definitely create some for your preschool classrooms!

Apart from all these, a preschool classroom or for that matter a preschool must-have is a mobile application.

Do the above right & your offline school will improve a lot!.

Now that your offline school is covered, let’s get your online school right!

Managing your preschool online isn’t as easy as it looks. But don’t worry we got your back! 

INTRACT is a mobile application developed to make your job a lot easier than you can imagine!

Every parent worries about what is going on in the preschools. Intract allows you to share updates and photos with the parents. 

Put on important notifications and alerts or even notify them about fees with Intract.

Maybe small videos to make sure they practice or you can even take their homework digitally. 

All of these is possible on Intract!

Want to know more? 

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