9 questions to ask before


What are the questions we parents should ask before we choose a preschool?

Parents find it difficult to choose a preschool for their kids.

Just like there are a few things you should look for in a preschool, there are a set of questions you should ask before you finalize one. 

These set of questions will make things clearer and help you in making a decision.

Do not worry,  It’s not as hard as it looks. I’ll make it easier for you!

Below is a list of questions you should ask before you choose a preschool.  

9. Is the preschool licensed?

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Licensing is an essential part of starting a preschool in India. 

In India, one needs to get a license for starting a preschool and he/she should fit in all the requirements mentioned by the government.

You must ask if the preschool is licensed or not. 

This way you are away from any frauds or threats.

Also, it is one proof that the teachers are well educated and the environment is safe.

8. What are their yearly plans? 

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Do preschools plan for the full year?

Yes! Every institute plans for the year in advance! 

This way they can prepare them according to the requirements. 

Also, without a plan, you can never run a school.

It is always better if you ask this question.

This way you will know what exactly your kid would be up to. 

Also, this will make you know what to expect by the year-end.

You may even picture the growth throughout the year! 

7. What is the background of teachers?

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According to the guidelines mentioned by the government, a preschool teacher must have a certain level of education.

It is always best to know how many teachers are there and what their educational background is.

Every preschool has to follow the mentioned rules or guidelines. But it is always better when you get that confirmed!

You can also ask this bonus question- 

Do you have any educational philosophy that you follow around here?

In simple terms, educational philosophies are the believes in terms of teaching. 

This also helps in getting a clear picture of what you can see in your child by the end of the year.

If you do not believe in the philosophy you may take a different decision and choose a different school. 

But to do so, you must ask questions!

6. What do they focus on more?

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What do you mean with this question?

Every preschool focuses on something else than the other one.

Maybe a few schools have one same focus too!

But, when you question what they focus on, you will know where exactly the preschool will put more efforts.

Some preschools focus on making sure the students can write properly.
Maybe some will put more focus on their physical health or motor skills. A preschool can also give more focus to teach the student phonetically.

It depends upon preschool to preschool.

Again when you will ask this question, you will know if your priorities and the preschools are the same or different.

5. Which kind of activities do they take in your preschool?

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Like said, every school may focus on different things.

So, with different things, there comes a different set of activities.

A preschool which focuses on physical health may focus on activities which are simple but make sure they grow physically.

Another preschool may have a different set of activities that focus on different other things. 

If you want your child to grow in a set way, make sure you ask this question!

4.Do they provide snacks? 

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Don’t preschools provide snacks?

Every preschool doesn’t provide snacks.

It may even happen that all the preschools near you may not provide snacks and so tiffins are necessary.

It is best to get this confirmed once!

Also, do ask if preschools have any rules on tiffins!

Some dishes are not easy to eat with hands or maybe some dishes are so tempting that every kid would want it once they see it.

Which is why preschools might have put up some rules on tiffin’s!

Before you choose, just ask this question without fail!

3. How does the helping staff treat the kids?

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Every preschool has helped kids to go through the day with around 50 kids.

Why this question about helping staff?

The helping staff may not be so qualified like the teachers. They might be not sure of what to say and what not!

When you ask about them, it clears every doubt about the environment you might have!

You can even ask to meet them in person or ask the parents of children studying there

Simply, get all your doubts clear.

2. Is the school lenient or strict?

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Maintaining discipline is necessary, especially when you are the first step of someone’s career.

Discipline is important for everyone and a preschool should make sure to impart a few discipline lessons.

A simple discipline lesson of greeting teachers or talking to the elders with respect even if they are not teachers or family.

Preschool is the first step and maybe the younger they learn, the more it will help them.

It is better to ask this question always!

Now, time for the most important one:

1. How will the preschool keep you updated?

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Your child is stepping into an outside environment for the first time. They need guidance during her formative years in preschool.

Also, you too must know what they are learning! Chances are your child might forget homework or contacting the teachers about their performance is difficult due to pandemic.

Perhaps the best way to solve this is a personalised app for a preschool where they can update you about your child’s classes, homework and everything!

INTRACT is the solution to your question.

Intract is a mobile application made especially to make parents and teacherslife easy.

And now updating you through Intract is simple!

The teachers will simply have to put up photos and videos of your kids on Intract.

It doesn’t end here!

Intract allows the teachers to update you with important alerts and notifications, videos to help your child and also with the fees.

Now when you know all of this, all you will have to do is ask questions before you choose a preschool.

And teachers, if you wish to know more about Intract, contact us here!

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