Guru and Gurupournima

A New Way to Celebrate Guru Purnima in Preschools


Guru, such a small word but has a great weight. A teacher plays an important role in a student’s life. One of the first teachers in everyone’s life is our mother, who gives us birth and is connected with us. Our parents play a very vital role in our life, not only they give us things we need but also the etiquettes, manners and even the first words that we speak are taught to us by our parents. After when we enter our schools and preschools, that’s when the teachers come into our lives.

There is a reason behind why I started respecting my parents more than I did and it increases day by day. It was because one of my teachers during my school days taught me why our parents are important and why they are our gurus.

A child should always know that the parents are the most important ones and he or she should respect them the most. I guess a teacher can always teach him/her this along with other things. This can be the best time to teach a student this important lesson. One may think that a preschooler can be too young to understand this. But it is important for him.

This Guru Purnima won’t be the same as the last years but this can be the most special one for all. Below are the ways one can celebrate Guru Purnima with preschoolers.

Virtual teacher-student meet

Normally a preschooler would be in his school like every other day. But the most attractive part of the day is the flowers and small gifts that one can take for their teachers. I know this year the students won’t be able to gift their teachers anything but a virtual student-teacher meeting is definitely possible. With that being said, a teacher can tell them why their parents are also their Guru and how instead of them they can take blessings from their parents this year. In short, they can celebrate this day with their parents and pray to them.

Tell them their parents are their first teachers

Mark this year with taking a step towards making the kids understand why their parents are also their teachers. Talk to them, tell them that it is because of their parents they are with you. Tell them they are the parents because of whom they know how to speak, how to walk and how to do many other things. Tell them that anyone who teaches us anything, however small it may be, is a Teacher or a Guru. And all those first things they did are because of their parents. Thus, parents are their first teachers and they should always know that they are the most important person in their lives.

A New Way to Celebrate Guru Purnima in Preschools

Tell them the importance of the day

Guru Purnima is celebrated because of many reasons and there are so many stories about it. Story-telling is fun and kids do look up to it. This day, tell them who was Vyasa and why it is called Vyasa Purnima. Remember, everyone now knows what Mahabharat is. (thanks to our TVs for the telecast of the early episodes of Mahabharat and Ramayana). They may not understand what Shiva did or even Buddha, what happened that day but they would understand that this day is celebrated to worship the teachers and thank them for all the knowledge.

Make a gift for parents

It is Guru Purnima and Teachers Day, where students do not forget to take a gift for their teachers. But this year, a virtual presence is a gift to the teachers. What a teacher can make out of this is tell them and guide them to make a card or a small gift for their parents. This year let them gift something to their parents which is made by them. Here, a parent has to help the kid as the teachers are not with them but imagine a smile on the child’s face when they will give the gift to their parents.

Our teachers are the ones who taught us some of the most important lessons of our lives. We should really be thankful for those lessons learned from them.

From now let us take a step towards making these small kids aware of small, yet big things. Teachers, from this year, let’s make this Guru Purnima equally important for the parents. Intract allows you to create CONFERENCES and take VIDEO LECTURES, through which you can talk to them and tell them why this day is important. And, equally important for their parents. Let us make them smile with this mere thought of parents being their teachers.