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An app for your preschool will make your life easier. Here’s why!

An app for your preschool will make your life easier. Here’s why!

“Kids are bored at home. What can we do? We have work….. Why don’t we enrol them in  preschools online?” 

After about 5 months of working from home and handling the kids, parents have often thought about this. It is definitely not easy for a preschool to work on WhatsApp.

A mobile app for preschool will definitely make your life easy!

Let me tell you how.

The first step of a kid is always in his or her preschool. 

Allows you to connect with students

“How can we connect to students in this situation? We need to be in touch with them.”

The primary use of an app for a preschool is to make connections with the students. 

There is a different kind of happiness connecting with everyone when you are miles away. It gives a chance to the teacher to communicate and guide them through this situation.

Helps to guide parents on how they can engage with students

“Working from home is not easy especially when you have a kid at home!” 

You definitely have come across such messages from your student’s parents nowadays. It is surely difficult to work and handle home at the same time.

They don’t understand how to keep their kids away from the screens and indulge in some helpful activities.

An app can come to rescue and connect teachers and parents. This way, the teachers can guide the parents and create events for the students.

Fees tracking

It is an essential and most required feature. To maintain a fee record and preschool together is one of the toughest jobs. 

A preschool has expenses may be in smaller amounts but keeping a track of it can be very stressful.

An app would be the most effective for keeping records. It would also help in budgeting.

Teachers can put up videos for practice and revision on the app.

Can an app help in making it sure that students keep revising what they were taught earlier?”


Take, for example, Intract’s VIDEOS feature will allow you to put up videos that can be helpful, interesting and educative.

All you will have to do is to put up your recorded videos or you can simply link some from Youtube!

This does not stop here you can create homework for them and make sure they get their concepts clear!

An app for your preschool will make your life easier. Here’s why!

It helps track improvement through activities assigned.

“How can we make sure this year isn’t a break for them?”

Wasting a year is not a solution. Instead, assess them through the small activities you create for them. It will get their ball rolling in activities and improve their abilities. 

Parents can help you with this. All you have to do is create activities for them. Instead of WhatsApp use an app which allows you to easily direct target the activity. Something as simple as LEGO activity.

SO, an app is all that can help preschools to run efficiently?


These small things when combined together will make good out of this year.

A teacher, who believes that the betterment of the students is essential will find every source to work to achieve it. 

Intract allows a teacher to meet all the targets they set for themselves and for the kids too. The best part is, “you can achieve all the targets for every year and not just for this one.” 

There are so many easy features like Alerts and Notification, Events, fees, videos and video conferences that help a preschool to make sure they are connected to the students to help them grow. 

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