School Reopening

Schools Reopening: How to successfully reopen your school?

The news of schools reopening has been floating around since quite some time now. We do not know for sure when the schools will reopen. But we do know one thing for sure: Extreme preparation is required. 

Always remember the law of 5Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Here are 6 essential things you need to do to ensure a successful school reopening:

Safety & Hygiene

Schools Reopening: How to successfully reopen your school?

This goes without saying. Safety, hygiene, and health of the students, as well as your teachers, should be your top priority. 

The screening procedures you choose are as important as the measures you choose. Prevention is always better than cure. Proper screening procedures need to be in place. Temperature checks and health surveys should be done regularly. 

Cleaning and sanitization procedures must be put in place to ensure a clean and safe campus. Your cleaning staff must understand your new procedures and rules. The EPA has provided guidelines for equipment and chemicals needed in each case.

Physical distancing should be made sure in all parts of your campus. Read this article to know more about Facility Zoning and Physical Distancing in Schools

Go Digital

Schools Reopening: How to successfully reopen your school?

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is that technology has saved the education industry from getting affected. Even after the schools start, educators should make use of the virtual medium as much as possible. This ensures students’ safety, increases school’s efficiency, reduces costs and saves time. Soon, there will be a need for schools to upgrade their use of technology software. Prepare for this in advance to ensure a better reopening.


Finance & Budgeting

Schools Reopening: How to successfully reopen your school?

Proper budgeting is required before your school starts. Everything from salaries to concessions for lower-income families should be considered while drafting your budget. 

Schools need to make sure that the teaching and non-teaching staff are paid regularly. There is also a need to implement measures to help with the financial burden on families.


Schools Reopening: How to successfully reopen your school?

As we discussed earlier, communication should be done digitally wherever you can. 

Prevent physical circulars and notices, and prefer virtual or digital notice boards. Try to avoid conducting tests physically, you can conduct tests online while students are sitting at home. Or, you can conduct them in your labs on computers. This will ensure that physical touch is minimized as much as possible.

Get your school a Mobile App to be stronger digitally and to get the most out of technology. Apps like Intract, Google Drive, and Gmail have saved us in the pandemic and will continue to do so even once this ends.


Schools Reopening: How to successfully reopen your school?

If your school provides bus services to students, you need to make sure proper physical distancing is maintained. 

The best mode of transportation in this situation would be personal transportation. Parents could drop their kids via their vehicles or would send them through auto-rickshaws or cabs. Students could also use their bicycles to reach the school. 

Stress-Free Environment

We are all going through this pandemic. These are tough times. Staying active and positive could be a task. The same applies to our students and teachers. 

Creating a stress-free environment for your students as well as your staff could help them as well as you to continue your schools like the normal times. 

You can make use of recreational activities, games, and other fun methods to make sure a stress-free and positive environment is provided. 


These 6 things, if done properly, can help your school to have a successful reopening after the pandemic. Preparation is the key. 

Check out Intract’s Smart Schools Programme to get your school it’s own virtual platform and get a head start after the pandemic ends.

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