What can Intract do for you?


Proctor Online Exams

90% of students cheat in online exams. Proctor online exams and prevent online exam cheatings!

Automatic Report Card

Students give the tests, we check them! Plus, We give results to Parents too!

Subjective & MCQ Questions

Take tests with Subjective and MCQ questions. Better than you did offline!

Intract Features
Intract Features

Fee Payment Reminder

No Pending Payments

Find students with pending fees and remind them. No need to look the details manually!

Reminder according to Due Dates

Hassle-free reminder to parents about the ward fee. Notify with the same in few clicks. 

Online Classes

Live Lectures

Take live online classes through Intract. We personally remind all the students to attend.


Take Attendance during live lectures

Pre recorded Lecs

Record & Upload your lectures. Your lectures are safe & students can’t share them to anyone!

Intract Features
Intract Features

Notification, Feedback, Doubt Solving

Important Notices

Send important notifications and emergency alerts to students, parents & teachers in seconds!

Stay in touch with parents

Update parents about student performance, Take Virtual Parent- Teacher Meetings & solve their queries on the spot!

Solve & store student doubts

Solve student doubts in Question Answer Forum. No messages on private Whatsapp anymore!

Expert Guidance

Staff Training

We train your staff on how to use the app. From videos to training sessions, you get everything!

Customer Support

Get free customer support to help you though any issues you face in the app. (You won’t face any 😉)

No Hidden Costs

We don’t charge extra! We cover your server & miscellaneous costs.

Intract Features

Are you ready to teach students & manage teachers better from your mobile?

50+ Schools & 400+ teachers use Intract technologies to teach
students and communicate with their parents