Online lecture and top schools

Online Lectures: This Is How Top Schools take them.

We all are in a place where we are confined to our homes and are asked to be safe from the virus. It has taken a long route to figure out how and what all we need to change or come up with so as to keep up with life and yet not waste a year. One such solution in the education industry is to keep going with online classes or pre-shoot video lectures. Let’s take this route to make more out of the materials we have. It is time to impart more knowledge by going digital.

Here are some tips on how to shoot innovative lectures


A pre-recorded class will need a few basic things. You need a good camera. A good mobile camera will also do. You might also need a stand, preferably a tripod. But if you don’t have a stand, you can use your books and pen stands to keep the phone in a stand-still position to record the session. Keeping the notes and required material nearby will help you gain confidence and a bit of rehearsal before recording is like a cherry on the top.


If you have a Pen Tab then this is the perfect time to use it for the lectures. Use it to draw and make it easy for the students to understand. It adds the visual aspect to the lectures instead of one-way communication. If you don’t have a Pen Tab then “Whiteboard” is the digital app for you that will help you throughout. It is a whiteboard, that will help you do all the writings easily and make the lecture more understanding.

Online Lectures: This Is How Top Schools take them.


For the pre-recorded video lectures, teachers would then be required to understand and learn small editing skills. YouTube comes in handy to help you edit the video. Though YouTube would help a lot here, some of the software you can use would be Filmora’s free version or if possible you can get Premier Pro downloaded on your computer. YouTube has tons of videos to help you learn the software. This can be difficult in the beginning but you will get good after some time. If you are not using a laptop you can use mobile apps to record and edit. Playstore or App Store offers you a lot, like “Inshot”, choose what suits you.

Online Lectures: This Is How Top Schools take them.


One can even use a screen recorder to show the working in the video. There are free screen recorder apps for laptops and mobiles available for all. Screen recorders like Screencast-o-matic or screenrec.com or Apowersoft screen recorder for laptop or computer. On phone, you can use the AZ Screen Recorder or any other which helps you to achieve your target.

Online Lectures: This Is How Top Schools take them.

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