playtime for a preschooler

Playtime for a preschooler: Its importance and everything you should know!

Is playtime important for a preschooler?


It’s rightly said preschoolers do enjoy their playtime more than any time spent in the preschool.

One can point out, they even hate studies and always look up for more time to play than to learn.

Why is playtime so important for preschoolers?

Just like sitting in one place is not good for us, it is not good for them as well.

It is not good, especially for them.

They should be running around, maybe exercise a bit.

Our bones and body take shape when we are young.

If one sits around, doing nothing, their body will take shape in that way.

Let’s get in deep with this topic.

Below are the major reasons why a preschooler should have a lot of playtimes.


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These generations of kids are too lazy. No activeness like ours…

They play for some time but easily get bored and tired…

You must have come across such conversations among parents. 

Preschoolers being lazy or being tired might be because they do not play regularly, or play for some time only.

One of the reasons can also be that they don’t have the habit of exercising regularly.

Every preschooler comes with the imbibed ability to play or roam around continuously.

But maybe because of the classes and forceful nature of sitting in one place can be the reason why they are lazy and tired.

Which is why playtime for preschoolers is very necessary.

You should allow them to play around after every activity maybe for 5 minutes (consider your preschool timings here).

Do not make them sit in one place for too long. 

How can we create playtime for them? There are so many things to teach them…

It is simple.

Keep aside some time for physical health. 

Physical health can also be considered as playtime here.

It has its own profits!

It doesn’t allow them to sit in one place, roam around and develop their health.


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How can playtime improve knowledge?

It is not possible to teach them everything by making them sit in one place.

Preschoolers don’t know a lot of things, including how to sort anything in colours or size or their shape.

Simply, their skills are not fully developed and you keep practising them and polishing them.

Playtime is not always about playing with toys or running around playing with friends.

It can simply be learning a new way.

It is said, students grab easily when they are young.

Teach them differently.

Something as simple as A can be accompanied with so many activities.

This way they will learn, play and enjoy!

Simple activities like a walk on curvy lines or play lemon and spoon can be both playtime and teaching!

It’s now up to you how you make most of the time even when keeping playtime in abundance!


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Does playtime really keep health problems away?


Sitting in one place for a long time is welcome to so many problems!

Health problems like excess body fat, bad cholesterol, weight gain, cardiovascular diseases or even bone health problems.

These are definitely not welcome at their age!

They should live tension-free than to worry about so many things at such a young age!

Playtime allows them to roam around, enjoy, play and run!

For them, activeness can be in running.

For preschoolers, physical health in your daily schedules is a bumper prize!

This way they are introduced to the good habit of regular exercises and good health.

As said, students learn easily when they are young!


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How can playtime improve focus?

See, when you plan activities that teach them, they enjoy them more.

We all know the attention span of kids is very less.

And thus for them to grasp easily, giving adequate breaks in between is really necessary.

It is said that if we sit at a place for more than 20 minutes, the brain demands more oxygen and glucose, simply, brain fuel.

Which is why playtime is the perfect break for them.

Every preschool has set time for the activities planned and also set an amount for breaks.

If we wish the preschoolers should put in their heart, adequate playtimes are important.

If they are deeply involved or doing the activities wholeheartedly, they are focused.

Hence, playtime improves focus.

Yes, it all sounded like a mathematics problem, but it is important to understand this. 

It is also important for you to understand that letting the parents know about the scheduled days is also important.

This helps them to pack tiffins or get their kids ready for the day.


That’s simple.

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A mobile app for preschool? 


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It comes with the tension of parents missing or misreading the messages!

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