Students studying less in lockdown

Students Studying Less in lockdown? 3 easy steps to solve this

Don’t you feel that your students aren’t studying? Well, you aren’t the only one.

Many schools struggle with this. Yet very few have figured out how to thrive in this environment.

After helping 30+ schools manage 50000+ students, I can confidently say:

Teaching students online is far easier when you have the right mindset and the right tools!

So let’s get right to it. Here’s how you increase your student performance in lockdown👇

1. Take Tests Every Week.

Students Studying Less in lockdown? 3 easy steps to solve this

You might think – “Whaaat?! Aren’t Unit Tests and Semesters enough? Before Lockdown, they worked well.”

You are almost right. Unit Tests & Semesters work spectacularly – Before Lockdown. That was 8 months ago. 250+ days ago. That’s like, 4 Summer Holidays! Now it’s all different.

Let’s face it: Students have lost the habit of studying. They watch lectures once but don’t revise. Studying was off the table for months.

You see, this is the perfect recipe for disaster. But let me tell you: It’s never late to get their studies back on track! And it’s very easy.

Solution? Take mini-tests often to get the best results.

Let me tell you how to do it. In Bullet Form

  • Tests can be of Objective and Subjective questions.
  • Conduct Tests on the Chapter you recently taught them.
  • 1 Test per Subject. Once a week.
  • Keep them short. 15 MCQs are more than enough.
  • Make sure Students don’t copy. More on it further.

Hard to Believe? It’s easy actually if you have the right tools. Our Client – Modak International School took 5 tests/week on our app. Result? Their student scores increased by 30%!

Fun Fact: We check if students cheat during tests and cheating reduced by 40%!

Issues to tackle here:

1. Upto 90% students copy in online tests so you must have anti-cheating app installed.

2. Arrange Doubt Solving Sessions after Lessons.

You might say – “We solve doubts on Whatsapp. Students can approach us for doubts. It’s sorted. Don’t worry!”

No No No No No.

Even I want to believe this approach works. But after consulting lots of schools, let me tell you: This approach doesn’t work.

You see, Students feel super shy asking ask doubts to Teachers. They don’t have doubts throughout the year but will with doubts when exams come!

I can only imagine how your Whatsapp fills with doubts. I’ve heard of students calling teachers at 11 pm for doubts!

Let me tell you how to do this right –

Best time to take a Doubt Solving Session is after you teach a lesson and Before you take a Test on it.

Students Studying Less in lockdown? 3 easy steps to solve this
Mind Blown?

Get this right, and it works wonders for your school.

Issues to tackle here:

1. Whatsapp becomes crowded when many students ask doubts.

2. Most doubts are similar so you’ll find yourself repeating the same thing to many students

3. When students have your numbers, they contact you after school hours. Your work-life balance goes down the drain.

3. Involve Parents

Students Studying Less in lockdown? 3 easy steps to solve this

Most parents think that Online Education doesn’t work. To be honest, They have a point.

Tell me: How do you see if something works? Through results.

Parents are not seeing the results of their child sitting 3 hours/day on online lectures! All they can see is their child in front of a mobile for 3 hours.

Well then, what’s the solution? You must involve them.

Ask them for feedback.

Show them their child’s test scores, homework.

Conduct online parent-teacher meetings.

When they see all the efforts you are taking, they’ll push their child to study harder. I’ve seen this work myself and it’s awesome!

Issues to tackle here:

1. Again, chances are they might contact you after school hours

2. Privacy issue. You don’t want your personal number circulating on Whatsapp.

That’s it! Told you it’s simple to manage school online right?😉

But as I mentioned above, there are some issues to tackle. Cheating in Tests, Crowding on Whatsapp, Privacy issues, etc.

Turns out, We can help you solve all of them. Yes. All. Of. Them.

From Anti-Cheating to Taking Lectures & Doubt Solving, we got everything your school needs.

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