teaching preschoolers


Is teaching preschoolers tough?

Surely, you must have come across such a question a lot of times.

Teaching preschoolers is not a tough task. Right?

Isn’t it like a new experience every day?

What do you keep in mind when you teach preschoolers’?

It is a question which has so many answers.

Rather, so many different perspectives!

But, here are 4 things which you must always keep in mind when you teach a preschooler.


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Preschoolers have a lot of questions. How do you manage to answer them?

Preschoolers are the most curious person you will meet.

Their curiosity is different but adorable as well.

Appreciating curiosity is something we find less at homes.

Maybe the parents are working or any other reasons.

But when you appreciate the questions they ask or rather answer them, it makes them feel special.

Preschoolers love attention.

Being curious is one way of getting your attention.

Appreciating their curiosity is important in this world.

When you answer their questions, you give a path to their imagination. In a way you help them grow.

Also, being curious is a way to know the world better. 


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“He thinks the color of the sky should be pink! “Because the sky in his dreams is pink!”

Parents come to you and their illogical imaginations. Sometimes, even preschoolers tell you about their imaginative world.

Like said, preschoolers see the world through their eyes and they imagine everything different.

They have super amazing stories and dreams.

All you should do is support them and explore preschoolers imagination with them.

Just like you answer their curious questions, you have to support them here too.

If they see the sky pink, let the sky be pink! 

You can explain the colour later.

But if their imaginary world has a pink sky, enjoy painting the sky pink when other preschoolers might paint it with other colours.

It is important they know the difference between the real world and the imaginary ones.

But more than that you teachers’ supporting them!


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What do you mean by affirmative here?

Here, affirmative means positive in one sense!

Yes, you should speak and be positive when you are around preschoolers. 

Your mood makes a way in preschoolers behavior. 

And the way you respond also has a large impact on them. 

It is why you have to be positive whenever you are around preschoolers.

How can we do it?

Here is an example- 

If a preschooler does anything wrong, tell them patiently. Explain to them what went wrong.

Use easy language. Rather just point them to what they did wrong! Else, they know because you have taught them that.

This is one important point you should always keep in mind.


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Do we have to be a good listener to preschoolers?


Preschoolers have a lot of things to share with you.

Also, they have their own particular way of telling you everything.

Even when you have met after one day, they have to tell you the smallest of the smallest things that happened yesterday.

You have to be patient with their style and speed.

But, you have to listen to them. There is no way out of this. 

This will help you make a good bond with them. This will make them feel special.

Also, they will look up to you as a friend rather than a teacher.

At times when they share everything, you notice their mistakes. Then after the day you can sit with them and tell them what they did wrong.

Remember you have to be patient and don’t tell them harshly!


Parent’s are an internal and important part of it. You teach the kids at preschool and parents teach at home. Keeping them updated with the student will not only make the child learn faster, but it also makes your job easier too!

Keeping parents updated is something you should also remember. 


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