Top 6 Apps Schools Use The Most These Days

Top 6 Apps Schools Use The Most These Days

Every person, every economy and every industry has been affected by the pandemic in some or the other way. Even the education industry has been hit largely. Everyone is finding solutions to come up even in this situation. The same goes for the education industry. The most important solution we have come up with is taking online schools classes. This is the easiest solution in a way but it is definitely not easy to run an entire school just through video calling and on the online level

Why not?

This is because a school has so many people involved; may be directly or indirectly. And involving everyone, being in touch with them, looking up to complete all the important tasks and goals is definitely not a piece of cake.

Here comes in the many apps that have rushed to the help of schools. They help to conduct schools or let’s say “Online Classes”.


Sampark is a video calling app available on Android, IOS, and even desktop. The most attractive point is that even though it is recently developed, it is an Indian app and well-encrypted. Allows you to host a large number of people on the call. Apart from that it also gives you a varied option of sharing a screen or a YouTube video or even stream live. All the features are really useful for a school. For further references, you can even record the call. There is a feature of “Room lock”, which will help you set up a password and only the ones with the password can join the meeting. It is like an instant videoconference. All you have to do is create and share the link. A school might want to schedule a video conference prior to the actual timing and this would be a drawback for them.

Jio Meet

Another Jio invention is the app for video conferencing sessions and meets. It fondly looks up to taking or creating an equivalent app to Google Meet and Zoom. It gives similar features to them. The feature where it exceeds than Sampark is that it allows us to create or plan a meeting prior to the actual meeting. It is very important, efficient and useful for schools. It also gives features or options like deciding the date and time and options for the muting or unmuting the audio of the audience. This is also useful for schools, as it will help the teachers to take up the authority and is also a good way to maintain silence throughout the class.

Google Meet

The widely preferred and used option for a business meeting or a normal video conference for many people. It is easy to use, organized, and also password-protected, allows you to set up a limit to the number of participants. It is widely used because of the fact that it is made by Google. Google has been a part of our lives for a long time. There are so many things that Google has been providing us and we have a strong belief that Google respects the privacy and it is true. A school or teacher can create or schedule a video conference and then share the details with the students. The only requirement is a google account and everyone does have one.


The rumour of Zoom being a Chinese app is false. Zoom offers a variety of options and we can choose what kind of conference we want to conduct. It has separate plans for educational institutions and those for corporates or industries like finance or government. It has a wide range of products like Webinars, Meetings and Chats, Rooms and workspaces, etc. You can choose as per your requirement and pay according to the product and the plan you choose. In terms of a school or educational institute, Zoom is a nice and powerful solution. It has encryption and solutions to make the functioning of a school more efficient and proper. The only drawback can be the expenditure or the charges applied.


YouTube has been a platform to impart knowledge for a very long time. People upload their videos and try to teach something they are expert at to others. YouTube was never used by schools to put up videos before. But now, in this situation of the pandemic, schools accepted this solution. Now they put up their videos by the teachers and share their link to the students. This is also an easy way to teach and impart knowledge. But a teacher will have to take care of a few things here.

There are so many other apps that give more than what these apps give for a school to run efficiently.

Why Intract?


Intract is an app specially made for educational institutes to help them run smoothly and efficiently. In this pandemic, it is one of the best solutions for schools, preschools, colleges, and coaching classes. It takes a lot more for a school to run than just online classes. Intract offers you a lot more solutions than just video conferencing or online classes. It gives you features like online tests with an anti-cheating feature, creating events, alerts and notices, homework, timetable, doubt-solving etc. Homework is important to measure the growth of a student. It gives you features like these which when collaborated with video conferencing or online classes help you get amazing results.

You can use features like these which will help you run your schools efficiently, easily, and smoothly even when you are not together.

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