what to look for in a preschool

What to look for in a preschool? Here are 8 less known facts!

“What to look for in a preschool?”

“Is XYZ preschool good? We want to send our children to a preschool now.”

“Don’t know which preschool is the best in the area…”

“How do you choose the best preschool out of the many recommendations you get?”

“Choosing a preschool is difficult…”

Whenever it comes to choosing something for one’s kid, we always get such similar questions. 

Let me tell you, it is okay to doubt. 

But let me tell you everything you must look for in a preschool.

Ask for referrals or word of mouth- 

What to look for in a preschool? Here are 8 less known facts!

“Oh! This school is the best for your kid. I have my son in the same school…”

This is something you should look for. Preschool majorly trusts and runs on ‘word-of-mouth’ policy. 

We usually trust our friends with something as important as preschool. This is because they have experience and Friends don’t lie.

Referrals are best because then you can see the difference (if any) between what have you seen and heard. 

Teachers qualification

“Do teachers’ qualifications matter?”


Maybe not that important like a school. 

Least qualification, teachers should be more interactive and sweet. 

High tempered teachers might have a different impact on your child.

Before finalising a preschool see to it that the teachers aren’t harsh on the kids.

Also, see how the teachers respond to you. 

It may happen that the teachers are not interactive enough to tell you anything.

Teachers should be positive and caring

What to look for in a preschool? Here are 8 less known facts!

“She is a very caring teacher. My daughter likes her a lot.”

You have heard someone telling you this for sure! 

A teacher should always be caring and positive.

It is always what the students take away from their teachers. 

Simply to say, you need to see if the preschool has caring and positive teachers. 

The more positivity around builds a better person.

Uniqueness if any

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Some of the preschools along with the curriculum have something more to give you.

Uniqueness can simply be how the preschool is turned out to be. Like the friendly environment around with the decorations.

It can be something like a different way of teaching the students.

It may happen that the curriculum stays the same but there is a different way adopted to make sure the kid learns a lot.

Ask or look for the curriculum

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“Do preschool follow any particular curriculum?”

Yes, they do! 

The government has given specific guidelines, especially for the preschools.

This helps them to prepare the students for the next upcoming years.

It won’t be much but see what all they plan to teach.

“Can the preschools have something extra with their curriculum?”


Generally, preschools do offer something extra with their curriculum. 

For example, a little knowledge about phonics or some workshops on simple robotics or coding.

Space utilization

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“What do you mean by  Space utilization?”

Preschools usually do not operate in a small area. 

This is because, preschoolers need to run, play, enjoy along with studies.

They are small and we need to work on their skills.

It is always preferred to have preschools in large sufficient spaces. 

Preschools do keep a limit on the number of students but it is always better that you check how much area is available.

Foster communication & Social learning

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“My child doesn’t speak much. What will happen in a preschool then?”

Everyone has come across parents worrying about the communication skills of their kid.

Preschools are a step to make your child talk to people around. 

They make sure your kid starts to learn why communication is important.

It may simply be talking to the teachers, but slowly and steadily it grows. 

They not only learn about communication but also about social coexistence.

Suggestion, keep this on the top of your list.

Building a strong base for the future

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“Preschoolers are small kids,  do they have to write so much?”


The curriculum for JR.kg has been increased. As a preschool comes as a step prior to it, they have to go through writing.

Before you choose a preschool, make sure it takes sufficient practice classes for your kids. 

Make sure they prepare your kid for JR.kg classes.

Aim of the school

“What can be the aim of a preschool?”

There can be various aims of a school. 

But the foremost aim of a school is to make sure the foundation is strong.

Without foundation nothing makes sense.

See to it that the school takes steps towards making your child strong, confident, giving more push to their curiosity, imagination and working with them towards their future.

So these all should be in our list of ‘what to look for in a preschool’?


These are all the main things that you should look for in a preschool. 

A preschool must do more than all that is mentioned above. 

Now that you know better, a question arises: how will I know what my child is up to in the preschool? Is he comfortable? How do I get updates on his studies?

This is okay! Until children can study by themselves we ourselves have to take the lead, don’t we?

There’s 2 ways: A hard one and an easy(very easy) one

  1. Contacting the teachers personally about your child’s studies. Harder during the pandemic as you can’t meet teachers personally.

  1. Get the teachers to send the details you! Here’s where we come. In our app, INTRACT, teachers send updates to you easily. 

This doesn’t stop here, we let teachers conduct activities and video lectures

We make teachers work hassle-free and a lot easy. Check us out here

Teachers, you can schedule a demo here!

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