WhatsApp is Bad for your school!

Why does everyone say WhatsApp is bad for school?

Here are 5 reasons why WhatsApp is bad for your school. 

WhatsApp is Bad for your school!

“Choice” is somewhere we have actually landed. The best choices lead us to the best and the worst to the worst. Same happens in terms of Schools.

“This is what the top schools use.” Maybe you have crossed roads with this message right from the beginning of Pandemic. Either you have chosen an app for your school or maybe you are conducting with the help of WhatsApp

But let me tell you why WhatsApp is not the best solution?

WhatsApp is a social media platform used majorly to share messages and images. A school has so many people involved in it and maintaining that contact with everyone is not easy. Here are some more reasons as to why WhatsApp isn’t the best solution to running a school efficiently.

Creates Confusion

We widely believe that “It is always better to keep a distance between professional and personal life.” This difference is because it helps us to enjoy both equally and thus lead to a stress-free life. Therefore, choosing WhatsApp as a solution to running school might be an invitation to stress and confusion.

All under one group is chaos.

WhatsApp is Bad for your school!

WhatsApp gives us the feature of creating groups of people together. It is easy to contact and also to spread notices or even discuss many different things to do. You can create a group of the school with all the teachers in it. But it is CHAOS! Everyone in a group putting in suggestions and discussions together is a Chaos not to handle easily.

Difficult to get a solution for anything

Is Whatsapp confusing or it’s just that we don’t get solutions?

If you plan to get any solution for a particular thing about the school, you might end up in confusion. There are so many people to put their views in front. Many times more the suggestions, it creates confusion. You might have a particular idea in your head, but more put in from others can create confusion. Getting a solution needs much more time and also reduces efficiency and productivity.

NO Video-Call feature

WhatsApp is Bad for your school!

This won’t be possible!

Even though WhatsApp comes with a solution for video calling and conversion, it has a limit to the number of people on a video call. Thus, also if you want to talk to the whole team with the amount exceeding the limit, you can’t discuss the problem and come to a solution. No video call is equal to no online class— one of the main reason why it is not the best solution to run a school.


Even when WhatsApp is not the solution to running a school efficiently, you can use Intract. It not only allows you to VIDEO CONFERENCING with your students and teachers, but it enables you to create a virtual environment for everyone to work and help students grow. There are features like EVENTS, MAGAZINE, HOMEWORK and even TESTS. 

Intract aims to offer you the easiest way to run your school.

Everything mentioned above is not possible on WhatsApp.

And so, Whatsapp is not the best solution to run your school.

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