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Your school mobile application should be like this!

Why does a school need a mobile application of its own?

A mobile application has been a need of the hour.

Want to rank your school website on google? It must be mobile-friendly. More than 50% of users view websites from mobile!. A smartphone has technically replaced a laptop (though there are things that mobiles does not support). 

It also means you need to have a mobile presence! 

What’s better than a mobile application for your school?


But what should a mobile application include?

A mobile application should not be complex and difficult to use. The app should fulfil the requirements of your school!

Here is a list of things that a mobile application have


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Can we put up notices on the mobile app?

A mobile application should have a notice board. 

This is important for the teachers to put up important notices and alerts for the students and their parents.


Is there any solution for fee reminders?

Schools do really face this problem. With so many other things in demand, it is difficult to keep a track and personally remind the students to pay the fees.

A mobile application is your solution. It should have a feature where it is easy for you to remind the parents about the fees.

Intract comes up with a FEES feature which does the heavy work of notifying the students about their due payments! You don’t have to do a thing!


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How can the teachers assign the homework if the schools are closed?

Considering the current situation, getting to know how much the students have understood is difficult. Teachers can’t assign the homework and check all together when the school reopens.

Mobile application comes handy. A mobile application should include a homework section. This will help teachers to understand how much a student has understood. 

It creates a form of conversation among them.


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How can a Teacher solve the student’s problems? 

A mobile application must have a question and answer feature.  This will create another form of conversation between them.

A Q&A feature will not only be a discussion amongst the teacher and a student but also for everyone.  Other students can also read the explanations given to a particular question by the teacher.


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Can a mobile app help teachers to arrange online classes?

Yes! A mobile application should have a feature for online classes.

It should help the teacher to form Google Meet or take online classes on Zoom.

This is a very easy way to have interactive classes and continue with the portion even when you are miles apart.


Can a school maintain attendance digitally?

A mobile application should have a feature named ATTENDANCE where it allows the teachers to take attendance digitally.

it will reduce the pressure and stress of the teachers while maintaining the attendance of the student’s throughout the years.

Going digital is essential. Maintaining attendances digitally is one step closer to it.

And guess what, a MOBILE APPLICATION can or should come up with such solutions for the school.


If you are still wondering how should your school app be,  then here is the solution.


The most important thing for a school app is,  is it should be SIMPLE.

The more simple is the app, it would be easier for the students, teachers and parents to use it.

An app can confuse the parents or the teachers and thus increase the stress and pressure on the School.

Remember,  students, teachers, parents and the staff all should be able to use the App easily.

It is always better to use the simplest than the most complex. 

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Just like your website should be unique,  so does a mobile app.

Uniqueness make it look like your own and which is the whole point of having a mobile app.

The mobile app should be meant to fulfil every necessity of your students. 

 It should look like it belongs to the school. It might happen the colours are not the colours of the school but like the school.


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There are so many standards in a school.

Can a mobile app be for everyone?

YES! There are numerous possibilities with which you can make the app for everyone in the school.

Adding standards,  dividing the subjects,  giving different usernames,  making sure you get the right set of students together can help to make the app for everyone. 

Standards should not be a barrier for not having a mobile app.

These days the upgraded technologies help us to make an app with numerous standards and for everyone. 

Just make sure you get the right set of teachers or staff members the authority. Also, make sure you put the right student in the right standard so as to avoid confusion.


Should a school have a customized mobile app?

Evidently YES! Uniqueness and customisation go hand in hand.

The more unique the app is, the more customised it is.

Customisation will help you fulfil all the requirements of your students, teachers, staff and parents. 

Do not forget customisation is for YOU.

Make sure you keep all the things you need to fulfil every requirement in your mind before you finalize the app.

Getting a school app is not hard.

 All you need to do is to find the right set of features to fulfil your requirements.



Intract is just a stop for you. 

We, at Intract, make sure the app fulfils all your requirements. We can get the best-customized app for your school. 

Intract comes up with all the major features required for a school. Attendance, Homework, Notice board, Fees, location, Videos and Video lectures, the gallery are some of the features of Intract.

At times, the app may look easy but be complex or vice versa.

Always, make sure you get a proper demo before you finalize. 

Get a free demo of Intract now!

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