mobile app for a school

Your school needs a mobile app right now. Here’s why

Your school needs a mobile app right now. Here’s why

Does a school really need a mobile app?

Everything was better before this quarantine. Schools were functioning efficiently and everyone was able to move around freely, go anywhere they wanted. 

Everything was possible then and will be possible in the future. Beyond everything, it is important to secure their future. 

Without further ado, let’s get right to it

With the still rising tension about the virus and with fewer resources, how can a school function efficiently?

Schools can still run efficiently. Even with less or no contact, there is a way to function properly.

A mobile app of the school makes it far easier & simple for it to run.

It guides and helps the school in many ways. It makes the lives of the teacher easier and they can concentrate on the classes. Instead of managing students, they can focus on teaching more!

If you still wonder about the need for a mobile app for the school, below reasons will make your decision easier.

Helps to maintain records

How can a teacher maintain the records of the attendance?

Can an app help maintain the fee records? 

Schools and teachers do have a lot of things to maintain and to function properly. Foremost is student attendance and fees. 

Fees are the most important part of a school. To maintain a perfect record and to reduce the burden an app can come handy.

For example, Intract’s Fee feature helps you by recording the fee data and tracking it with due dates.

Its attendance feature allows you to maintain attendance easily with no pressure and stress.

Connect to students easily

Your school needs a mobile app right now. Here’s why

What is the easiest way to connect to the students in such a situation?

Connecting to students is important and right now schools can conduct online lectures for students.

The easiest way to connect to students is to create meetings on Google Meet or Zoom or any other app.

An app can come handy, which may allow you to create conferences on the app with the help of google meet or zoom. 

A mobile app can also have a space to take your classes there. It depends upon the app.

You can Involve the parents

Your school needs a mobile app right now. Here’s why

Parents are always worried about their kids. PTM are full with so many questions. Can an app be a solution?

Parents worrying about their kid is normal. It can get difficult for the teachers to manage it all together. 

These days even parents are working from home so they know what their child is exactly up to. But keeping them updated can be of real help to you!

Helps teachers to concentrate on studies or lectures

School teachers do more than just teach. A teacher takes care of attendance, fees, homework, paper setting, paper checking and other administrative works of the school too. 

A teacher must look more into teaching than other work. 

A mobile app can help a teacher in many ways and thus help reduce the workload. This will also result in teachers teaching more passionately and with interest. 

So you think, a mobile app is important for the school?


A mobile app for the school is one of the foremost requirements right now for every school. It is the future of the upcoming generation at stake. 

Here is everything a mobile app should have.

So why Intract?

If you are still thinking of how to take online classes, or how to make it all work for the school, then Intract is your solution.

Intract allows you to do more than just online classes and video conferencing.

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