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5 reasons why a School needs an App

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Let me tell you a story: John used to eat junk food a lot. He thought nothing could go wrong with him & continued with it for months. Until of course, he got stomach pain and had to visit a doctor. Today schools are facing a similar situation.

Like John who ate junk food for months, Schools carry on their lectures on the various online app, (link to the top apps used by school) which aren't the best way to teach students. Just like John got stomach pain, schools too face pain: bad student performance & dissatisfied parents. Just like the doctor who treated John's illness, an app helps schools solve their pain! Below are five ways of how an app helps schools

You can maintain fee records.

Schools and teachers do have a lot of things to maintain and to function correctly. Foremost is student attendance and fees. Without fees, it is difficult to work, and it would be difficult to track one’s attendance without maintaining it. An app will help you manage both of them quickly. It will help teachers not to waste time on student’s attendance, and a digital fee receipt will help reduce paper and also easy track for parents and schools both.

You connect to students quickly.

Connecting to students is essential in this situation but even in future. Right now schools can conduct online lectures for students. This will help not to waste their year and also students can learn a lot, even being at home. It is also a feeling of not missing out on schools. Sometimes looking at friends and teachers gives some peace and reduces their stress. An app is quite efficient to connect everyone.

90% of students cheat in tests

Schools conduct the test to know how much students have understood. What happens is around 90% of the students cheat in the exam. Instead of this, take tests on the app. Go digital! Intract has an anti-cheating feature too. It allows you to know what happened in the tests. (Link to the blog)

Parents can keep an eye on their child’s studies.

These days even parents are working from home, so they know what their child is exactly up to. Earlier they couldn’t do so. When a school has an app, it makes it easier for the parents to keep a track on their child. These days both the parents work together to try and give their child their best. Instead of tens of Whatsapp groups, a school app makes their job easier.

Helps teachers to concentrate only on studies or lectures

A school teacher does more than just teach. They take care of attendance, fees, homework, paper setting, paper checking and other administrative works of the school too. Their primary focus must be on teaching than other work. An app with customized features helps reduce the workload of teachers and allows them to focus on the one thing they do best: Teaching. It will also result in teachers teaching more passionately and with interest.

An app is one of the foremost requirements right now for every institute. It is not about classes, but it is the future of the upcoming generation at stake. Intract allows you to do more than just online classes and video conferencing. We help you conduct activities, give homework and many more. It helps you to connect with students to make education a stress free activity.

Do you know the best part? We offer a free version of our app too! What are you waiting for? I will put the link in the description.

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