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Things Principals need to Understand

As you know, the situation in the education sector is getting worse day by day, adding pressure on the decision-makers. Just like everyone, even Principals are at a break-down and the pressure is mounting.

Understand your responsibility but believe in “Divide and Achieve”

You are the apex of the institution and you have the highest powers.

You need to know there are people under you and they work for you. You dividing and distributing work amongst everyone is going to help you achieve every goal in your path. Also, it will reduce a small amount of stress with every work done. Just give some decision making power along with the responsibility to the teachers. You’ll be surprised at how they handle responsibility!

Work for 5-6 days and take Sunday off

Throughout the week achieve all the goals decided. Distribute the time, work and make sure you achieve your weekly goals. When you do that, take Sunday full off. Stay away from work and spend some time with yourself and your family. This gives you more energy for the coming week to work hard.

Enroll in online courses, keep yourself updated

Thanks to the recent change in education policies, you can expect that the new syllabus won’t be the same as the old one. Look out for opportunities to grow in your field, there are tons of courses available. Pick up a course & get your concepts revised. You’ll learn something new!

You won’t see immediate results, but look at it as an investment. Rest assured, you’ll get handsome returns over time!

Know that developing your institute is a slow process

Your development is not your only goal. You have to think about your institution too. This is the time to think and come up with solutions that will help in the growth of the institution. Always keep in mind that development is a slow process. So, be patient and come up with solutions which might not help you now but you can see the results especially after the pandemic.

Before pandemic, there might have been so many instances when you were not able to spend some quality time with your family because of your work. Now is the perfect time to spend more time with your family. Enjoy these small joys with your family now.

You might think these are not important but these small things are going to help you get through this situation. And understand, everyone you work with or work for are important but not beyond your health and your happiness. Remember, this too shall pass, you’ve survived events far worse than this. Now is the test of your leadership skills.

One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” - Sigmund Freud

We wish you all the best!


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