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Students must learn Coding at a young age. Here is why!

What is it with a need for students to start learning how to code?

Why is coding becoming so necessary?

Why is the government pushing for students to learn how to code?

Are all these questions bothering you? Then well maybe we might have answers for you!

Now, with the introduction of NEP 2020 and with pushing students to learn how to code, there is a sudden discussion about it.

Coding has not been all about making apps.

"Why does a student have to develop an app at an early age? What is he/she going to do with that?"

All these questions are disturbing for the parents.

Well here are a few points that might give you a new viewpoint.

People relate coding to only making apps but it is more than that.

It is not meant for a particular age group.

It can be useful right from the age of 5.

YES! A child of age 5 can try making a program.

For them, coding is

A visual treat

We never know what a child can think.

Coding is a visual appearance for all that they are dreaming.

They don’t have to learn Java or higher language for this. Try using!

It is a platform for your child to learn a few steps and bang on! Create what they dream of.

Coding is not only a visual platform for your dreams but it is more than that.

It generates interest and creativity.

What do you mean when it generates creativity?

Let's Take an example. An artist sees a blank paper and he wants to fill it somehow. Maybe he might use colours or pens or just leave it black and white.

But with time, he creates more and more out of the same choice of colours or pens.

Coding is just like that. Once your child starts learning, he might end up doing more and have fun.

The more he tries it the more he tries different thing and just like that he creates more amazing projects and the more creative he/she becomes.

The more you create and the more you make mistakes, you learn more and that is how you understand more problems and create more solutions.

Boosts brain simulations

Brain simulations? How?

Coding leads you to think and develops it. Which is why it simulates your brain and it increases its capacity.

Children have a lot of thoughts especially at a young age they are more curious. This all adds up together.

You learn, you enjoy and you understand at the same time. It is about experiencing too.

Learn a new language



Coding is a language.

You communicate, you talk and you command. When you put in proper commands, the code helps you generate the desired results.

Coding requires a certain set of words to use.

Use the words, give in the command and see the results.

Coding is a process. You cannot build an app out of blue.

Even when you are a small child, it is a slow process and maybe a small process today can help you go a long way.

Problem-solver how?

Yes! Coding a program or an app is equal to create a solution for the problem someone is facing.

An app is a solution to a problem we are facing.

A simple example can be “Intract”. Intract was developed to make the lives of teachers easy.

Intract offers a solution which makes it easy for the teachers to work. To simply run the schools efficiently, Intract is the solution.

This app requires proper knowledge of coding languages. But when you are young, you can simply create a solution for a small problem they face.

Likewise, it will be a start for their journey. With that small start, they can become more clear, creative and problem-solvers.

Maybe because of which the government has introduced coding from standard 6th.

The National education policy makes it evident that children should learn it from early standards.

It is believed that students can learn and grasp situations easily in their early age. Thus, they can easily get to know things easily.

Coding has also helped students to be good with their life. As it simulates the capacity of brains, it helps them to think clearly and they can even take better decisions from the beginning.

Coding still has a lot of demand. There is a higher demand for people who know it.

The updated technology creates more problem and thus there is a requirement for more solutions.

Because of all these reasons, Coding is important.

As mentioned, it doesn’t have age barriers. Maybe your 4-year kid can give it a try at!


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