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Changes in the education system

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The early education system

The changes over time

Current situation

Do you remember the stories told to you in your childhood? These stories included the time when Kings sons would go to a Gurukul. They used to live there and learn everything from Archery, Battle skills to even the tips and tricks to rule a kingdom. It was the very earliest education system in India.

Do you know a story where a Princess sent to gurukul?

We had an era of the importance of girl education. Some revolutionaries went against society to make sure girls receive an education for whom they introduced universities, and many more things took place. We worked our way up to match the world. After independence, there were changes made in the education system. The most useful one was ‘Free and compulsory Primary education to all’. We still have a lot of dropouts, but we are progressing our way up.

The updates in technology have led to more use of the internet and education taking a digital turn. There are so many apps available out there that provide a pre-recorded or video-based training to all. You have to watch the videos and learn from them. It has by far been the best introduction in the education system because, in this pandemic, times these apps have come to our rescue.

The very recent introduction in the education system is “THE NEW EDUCATION POLICY”.

What is the new education policy?

The new education policy is the new future of India. This policy is beneficial and when implemented correctly will make sure the best for all.

There is a major change in the structure; from 10+2, it will now be 5+3+4+4. It will ensure schooling from 3 years and reduction in stress around board exams. This policy states no difference in ‘Science, arts and Commerce’ streams and students can choose their subjects. Internships from the standard of 6 will make sure the implementation of practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. There would be an enormous scope to local art and the artists because of this policy as it looks towards educating students about the various art forms and also conserving the art.

The policy will result in a lot of improvements and a drastic but essential change in the education system. Before anything, we have to tackle the pandemic. For that, we have to take up steps like minimal physical touch and more of digital education. The best solution is schools and institutes going digital. Apps like Intract comes to your rescue. Intract helps you take online classes, test and many things that will help you run your school efficiently. The best part is we offer a free version of the app. Click on this link for further details!

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