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“The schools are reopening from 1st September 2020”

This is one of the floating messages you might have received.

Till date, there have been no such announcements of schools reopening with the coming Unlock 4.0. But if it’s in the plan, then the central government will give fresh guidelines for the same.

“How much fees should I charge?

What should I do with the Current spending required?

What should I do with their salaries?’’

If you are bothered with such questions, let me give you some points to decide before.

Before you start planning about the money at your school, don’t forget these points -

  1. People have lost their jobs

  2. You have every category of student learning in your institute

  3. The government will introduce some things to keep in mind before you fully reopen

  4. You can’t fire randomly

  5. You have to pay everyone working for you.


Before corona and after corona

We had a very normal life before all this started. S

Connect it to NEP especially the part where the govt would tap the amount of the fee by the schools and colleges

Fees blog start with how the current situation is going to affect the overall money of the school

People have lost their jobs another reason why to reduce or keep in mind the fees structure.

  • Sit and get to know what your expenses are and what can be the income. You got to know that you might earn less. Try going for an END OF MONTH system than an END OF THE YEAR system. This will help settle the monthly expenses.

  • Create small goals and formulate strategies to achieve them. You will have to go with the guidelines set by the government in the current pandemic situation.

  • Keep in mind the schools budget will be a bit flexible in the current situation. It will take some time to come back to normal. This doesn’t mean you should not have a set budget.

  • Use tools that will help you in financing easily for the schools.

  • Strictly lookup for things where you can reduce your expenses. This will, in turn, help you not waste money on things not required and instead get things which are actually required for the students in your school.

  • Remember, from now a large part of the finances will go into sanitization and keeping the schools clean and safe.

  • With the unlock 4 guidelines, schools have been given permission to open from 21/20 September but only the classes from 9th to 12th standard are allowed. This is not easy, because the school needs written permission from parents.

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Marcus Knight
Marcus Knight
16 февр. 2023 г.

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