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Why Educational Institutes should have ERP?

What is ERP?

ERP simply means Enterprise resource planning.

Simply put, ERP is gathering and organizing business Data through integrated software.

One can say ERP helps in easy functioning of your business.

ERP is not only restricted to corporate or higher business. It can be helpful for every kind of business.

ERP helps you with solutions as to how to handle your business resources. It helps every department of the business.

Can ERP help schools, colleges or institutions?

Exactly how a school benefits with the help of ERP?

Do schools actually use it?

Is it worth investing in such software?

Wait... The answer to all your questions is here in this blog!

As mentioned earlier, ERP is a software that helps in easy functioning of your business.

Schools are a kind of business, aren’t they? To provide the best education to children is the main purpose of a school.

Yes, ERP can help schools a lot. This is one step for the schools to function easily.

Data Management Made Easy (Connected & Backend)


ERP is a software which will help you maintain any amount of data of the school.

Combining & Segregating of student and staff data

“There are so many classes, so many divisions and so many students. Let’s not forget the staff...”

We often hear schools discussing how to maintain the data safely.

The best solution for this issue is ERP.

ERP helps you combine and segregate the data easily. It can even help you to customize it according to your needs.

Intract ERP is one such solution that will allow you to decide how you want to arrange your data.

Fee Management (Fee Report)

Managing fees is always a task.

Especially maintaining the track of fees is the toughest of all.

Schools regularly face issues regarding how to manage the fees!

Keeping a track of how many students are left to pay and where we spent the money is always stressful.

Now, with ERP you won’t have to spend hours on calculations and paperwork.

It will easily calculate and maintain the data with each entry.

It is something which will also help you in planning all the expenses properly.


You can have a place where you can have an easy fee analysis of the fees collected and due.

Separate Classroom and easy management

A school has a lot of different standards and separate classrooms.

ERP makes sure it creates separate classrooms and each with a different set of students.

This is easy for you to manage and conduct.

ERP does make your work easy!

Access to Academic Calendar

Can the academic calendar be accessed?


It is always suggested that an academic calendar is profitable.

It is very helpful for everyone. You can plan your year early. This has always been something more suggested.

The profit of having an academic calendar is, it reduces the waste of time on arranging and rearranging lectures, events, activities.

Also it is a one time glance for the whole year.

No frauds

ERP can help you avoid Frauds?


ERP comes up with a solution where you can avoid frauds taking place and properly plan.

It gives you an option where you can clear transactions or for that matter, you can clear inventory details as well.

This has the best purpose for all schools.

And most importantly it’s all safe.

Risk Management

Yes Yes!

Risk is something which always gives a headache to the schools.

It is just not about school but everyone faces trouble taking risks.

ERP comes as the best solution.

It helps you to plan and take decisions because it acts as a guide to all.

It gives you solutions to your finances and inventory investments.

Thus, makes it easy for you to avoid taking higher risks.

SO, ERP is the solution schools should look up to?


IntractERP is a step towards it. It allows you to solve many of the above problems for CLASSROOM, STUDENTS, STAFF.

This can all be customizable according to your needs.

Apart from this, IntractERP has a fee report section where you can see the fee status easily and just at one glance.

These solutions are going to make your schoolwork easier than ever.

Do not wait. CONTACT here now!

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